• Prepartions

    Step 1

    To start your journey to a swedish driving license you need to have a valid driving permission from Transportstyrelsen. You can apply online on their website. The applications need a vision test, we can help you with that at the office.

  • Drive

    Step 2

    We offer eduaction on both manuel and automatic cars with Göran or Johan Start and booked a testlession


  • Step 4

  • Step 3

    Risk Education 1 & 2

    Risk Education part 1 is a theoretical exercise where we together will discuss common risks when driving e.g alcohol and drugs, fatigue and risky behaviour. This education is approximately 3,5 hours, including pause.

    In the end of your education you need to do the risk education 2. You get to experience risky traffic situations in a safe environment.

    Risk Education 1 & 2 you booked on http://www.gillinge.se

    Step 3